E Video

Selected Field Videos

At the Kopi Cafe, 5317 N. Clark Street in Chicago, October 2006
Jovan and Alex playing


(Jovan, the violinist, is from Serbia and Alex (born in Cleveland) descends from the Roma (Gypsy) Slovakian Udvary family)

At the New Maxwell Street Market, Canal St. nouth of Roosevelt Rd. in Chicago, October 15, 2006
Al Harris singing with the Maxwell Street ad-hoc regulars (Johnny Harper, EJ, etc.)

The Serbian Roma (Gypsy) band Kal playing for a lecture at the University of Chicago, October, 2006
They are singing Djelem Djelem, the national anthem of the Roma

Impromptu outdoor Salsa lesson in 40 degree weather at the New Maxwell Street Market, October 22, 2006

Gospel singer at the New Maxwell Street Market singing a tune for two of Roosevelt’s Chinese EMPA students