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Teaching Climate Change through Literature

A somewhat interesting article from yesterday’s NY Times about literature-and-environment courses that are beginning to address issues of climate change. Unfortunately, the author didn’t know about Prof. Gary Wolfe’s groundbreaking seminar here at Roosevelt this spring, “Sustainability in Film and … Continue reading

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Reviewing “The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment,” by Timothy Clark

Part of an extensive series by this venerable university press, The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment is a detailed and comprehensive overview of the many relations among literature, criticism, and the natural environment. Author Timothy Clark of Durham … Continue reading

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Environmental Studies at Roanoke College

This week I had the opportunity to visit the Environmental Studies Program at Roanoke College in Salem, VA, and give two guest lectures. Tuesday, Jan. 14th: “Writing the Urban Landscape: Literature, Environmental Studies, and the Sustainable Future of Cities” (ppt … Continue reading

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New Book on Rachel Carson by Robert Musil

This looks to be an excellent new book on Rachel Carson and many other women scientist/writers/activists who have profoundly shaped environmental discourse and policy in the US. Notably included here is Sandra Steingraber, who recently spoke at Roosevelt University during … Continue reading

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Verlyn Klinkenborg Publishes Final Column for “The Rural Life” in the NY Times

One of my favorite journalists, commentator and essayist Verlyn Klinkenborg, published the final piece for his long-running column, “The Rural Life,” in today’s New York Times. His wise and observant prose-poems about his small farm and the nature that inhabits … Continue reading

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Introducing Sandra Steingraber at the Great Lakes Bioneers Conference

Back on November 1st, the opening day of the Great Lakes Bioneers environmental sustainability conference on “Community Resilience” hosted by Roosevelt, I had the honor of introducing Dr. Sandra Steingraber, that evening’s keynote speaker. Here’s the text of my introductory … Continue reading

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“Artifacts & Illuminations” Wins 2012 Nebraska Book Award

In the spring of 2012, my essay “Unearthing Urban Nature,” an analysis of scientist-writer Loren Eiseley’s investigations and representations of urban and suburban landscapes, was published in the critical anthology Artifacts and Illuminations: Critical Essays on Loren Eiseley, edited by … Continue reading

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Toward a Sustainable Future: Why Science and Policy Need the Environmental Arts and Humanities

Recent reports in the popular media would have it that the humanities are embattled: waning in popularity among students, deemed irrelevant by the general public, and viewed by legislators as expendable luxuries in today’s rapidly changing higher education environment. In … Continue reading

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The Value of the Humanities

Here’s an essay on the subject of the humanities — their current state in our culture, and their value to us as a subject of study and means of understanding the world — by one of my favorite essayists, Veryln … Continue reading

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Collected Op-Ed Articles for 2012

In addition to my academic writing as an RU professor of humanities and sustainability studies, I also regularly write blog essays, newspaper columns, and magazine articles for a general audience. This helps to keep me out of trouble (as deadlines … Continue reading

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